Mission, Values, and Goals


It is our mission to provide the greater Sacramento and San Francisco Bay areas with high quality specialty cut flowers and produce while improving the quality of our soils. We hope that this enterprise will one day support a sustainable poultry enterprise to provide integrated pest management for orchards and other farms. These enterprises will support our further mission of providing quality protein (meat and eggs) to under-served populations without readily available food access.


We value the health of the soil and the ecosystems around us and the health and strength of the community in which we live. We want to help educate the public about the importance of small-scale, sustainable farming as it relates to food security and climate change. We advocate for a thriving local economy in which everyone has access to good food and farm products grown and produced by their neighbors.  


Farming Sustainably

We use organic farming practices and keep track of the soil and water quality of our farm. We will use the results of soil and water tests to track the long-term changes that our farming practices have on the immediate area. We aim to increase the organic matter content of our soil as well as biological diversity in soil and arthropod communities.


Food Security and Social Justice

We plan to expand into chickens for meat and eggs in the long term. We would like to have profits from our combined enterprises support donations of meat and eggs to charitable organizations that feed food-insecure and at-risk communities, including homeless veterans and youth.


Short-Term Goals​

  • Farming adequate acreage to employ one farmer (Aubrianne) full-time and provide a living wage while allowing the company to save for expansion into other enterprises

  • Acquire a Pack-n-Cool trailer for post-harvest storage and transportation of flowers and bouquets

Long-Term Goals

  • Farming adequate acreage to employ two farmers (Cal & Aubrianne) full-time and provide a living wage while allowing the company to save for expansion into other enterprises

  • Obtain organic certification

  • Expand into poultry production

    • Meat and eggs

      • Freedom Ranger broilers from Freedom Ranger Hatchery

      • Egg-layer breeds

      • ​This could take to form of mobile IPM operations or leasing land for the sole purpose of poultry production

  • Farm adequate flower acreage to support charitable donations of meat and eggs to organizations that offer hot meals to under-serviced communities

  • Building and managing a USDA-inspected mobile poultry processing trailer to aid other farms and ranches in getting their products to market