Greenhouse Goof

Happy farmers!

We told you we’re beginning farmers, right? Well, we made our first goof in the greenhouse! Nothing major, but slightly problematic and it will necessitate a revision of our crop plan. I made a spreadsheet that tells us how many seeds we need to order for the season, what dates we need to sow seeds, and how many to sow per succession. Unfortunately, we read from the wrong column on our first day of seeding and ended up seeding a season’s worth of Craspedia (Sun balls, Drumstick flower), Celosia, and one of our varieties of statice. Luckily, we noticed the error before we started seeding the next day and adjusted accordingly, we’ll be able to update our crop plan to reflect what was sown over the weekend, and the varieties that were over seeded are common dried flowers. The spreadsheet that we used is still incredibly useful, but will be amended to include columns for number of seeds needed for each succession, not just the whole year. Every new activity has a learning curve!

Lessons Learned:

1) Slow down and READ EVERYTHING

2) Double check BEFORE you start planting

3) Even if you mess up, it’s not the end of the world

Other than our one goof up, seeding in the greenhouse went smoothly. We met some of our neighbor farmers (their plots are next to ours at FOPC), got to talk about flowers, and learned some particulars about the greenhouse that we’re in from people that have used it before.

Whomever said that the act planting a seed was a hopeful act was spot on. We’re so full of hope and excitement about this farm venture! Also, if you know anyone that will need bulk Sun Balls in a couple months, send them our way!

Keep calm and farm on!

Future plants
Craspedia seeds

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